Mobile Banking

The most convenient way to transact on your bank account

MBCA Mobile allows you to do your banking transactions from the convenience of your mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.Sign-up today & perform your banking transactions from the palm of your hand

Services Available

  • Balance Enquiry - This service displays your bank account balance
  • Request for mini statement - This service allows you to view the latest transactions on your account
  • Inter-account/internal transfer - This service allows you to effect a transfer from one MBCA account to another MBCA account
  • Mobile transfer to a bank (ZIPIT to Bank) - Service allows you to send/transfer money to a bank account outside MBCA Bank via your cellphone
  • Mobile to mobile transfer (ZIPIT to Mobile) - This service enables you to send/transfer money to any registered mobile subscriber across all mobile network operators
  • Utility  Payment - This service allows to pay pre-determined service providers safely.
  • Airtime Purchase  - This service enables you to purchase airtime for yourself or your loved ones.You can only purchase airtime from the mobile network operator you used to sign up for MBCA Mobile Banking Services

Features & Benefits

  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Real-time processing of transactions
  • Affordable transaction fees
  • Accessed via all mobile network operators
  • Facilitates movement of funds from a banked individual to unbanked individuals
  • Facilitates movement of funds amongst selected  banks

Logging onto MBCA Mobile Banking Service

  • Dial short code, *299 # to be welcomed to MBCA Mobile Banking
  • Enter your mobile PIN as requested on phone screen
  • The MBCA Mobile Banking Services main menu will be displayed  on your screen
  • Sign up today and experience convenience