Nedbank Zimbabwe AgriBusiness devises and delivers tailored solutions for the agricultural industry.

Our specialist approach

We provide guidance and support on all agriculture-related requests, and ensure continuity, accessibility, and quicker decision making. Partnerships with leading academic institutions keep us abreast of the latest research developments and emerging trends in the industry.

Our specialist industry knowledge is aligned to the needs of both the primary and secondary production of three main market sectors, namely:

  • Agronomy (e.g grain, oil seeds, sugar, cotton, plants and flowers);
  • Horticulture (e.g fruit, wine, vegetables and forestry); and
  • Livestock production (e.g dairy, beef, poultry, aquaculture and game farming).

Because we understand the variable and cyclical nature of agribusinesses, we have tailored flexible and cost-effective finance packages that specifically cater for these sectors. We match export and import needs with strong global transacting products and simplified risk-hedging instruments.

Lending solutions          

Our agricultural lending solutions include:

Agri-instalment sale agreement


We provide financing on all types of agricultural equipment and machinery (eg tractors and farming implements) with flexible repayment options such as annual payments and extended repayment periods of up to 5 years, depending on life expectancy and depreciation.

Agri-medium-term loan (AMTL)


The AML can be used for financing productive assets (eg breeding herds of cattle) or enhancing existing assets, and includes an option to withdraw surplus funds arising from excess payments.

Agri-production loan (APL)


This loan finances production inputs such as maize, soya and wheat. The product takes into account seasonality, the need to hedge prices, as well as the necessity of crop insurance.

Agri-trade finance

Our creative approach to trade finance and interlinking risk control means you can optimise the risk-return relationship. Key components of our offering include:

  • post import financing
  • pre export financing
  • Discounting of bills.

Investment solutions

Since every business has unique requirements for the management and investment of finances, we have various options to suit your short- and long-term business needs.

Transactional banking solutions

At the heart of our banking services is an optimal solution for all your transactional banking requirements.

These are provided alongside the appropriate electronic delivery platforms to streamline processes and enhance the management of your working capital.

Transactional products include current accounts, global trade transactions, card products and electronic banking services.

Our primary transactional banking offering includes:

Global trade transactions

Our advanced transaction-processing capabilities coupled with professional advisory and consultancy services, enable us to do far more than simply handle cross border payments. Our key areas are integrated within the broader concept of cash management and include:

  • payments and clearing;
  • customised trade solutions and mechanisms;
  • liquidity management; and
  • foreign exchange instruments.
Nedbank Zimbabwe Internet banking

Nedbank Zimbabwe Internet banking, a secure and world class internet-based electronic banking system, enables you to:

  • make secure payments (e.g salaries, wages and creditor payments);
  • authorise transactions and functions (eg transfers, payments, beneficiaries and users); and

Value-added solutions

At Nedbank Zimbabwe AgriBusiness we understand that, when it comes to sustainable wealth creation, it is essential to focus not only on achieving business success but also on building business security.

Business financial planning

Nedbank Zimbabwe’s financial planning specialists help business owners and operators to plan and build long-term wealth. Expert advice and assistance is offered in areas such as:

  • contingent liability protection;
  • key person cover; and
  • employee benefits.

What do I need?

  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation / Registration
  • Identity particulars of Directors / Authorised signatories
  • CR14
  • Constitution (Informal Bodies)
  • Minutes (Informal Bodies)
  • Proof of Residence – Directors / Authorised signatories (Zesa/ Telone or Water Bills)
  • Latest annual tax return to ZIMRA
  • CR2
  • Passport photos of Directors and Signatories

To find out more about how Nedbank Zimbabwe AgriBusiness can help you please contact your local business banker or send an email to