Nedbank Zimbabwe recognises the contribution franchising makes towards growing Zimbabwe’s economic

The retail sector of Zimbabwe can get the much needed facelift out of this initiative. Nedbank Zimbabwe Franchising is all about partnerships. With our client-centric philosophy ‘partnering with you to grow your franchise’, Nedbank Zimbabwe Franchising offers clients a banking partnership founded on our willingness and ability to understand your franchise and provide you with a solutions-driven service.

Our unique approach allows us to deliver, through a single contact point, an integrated franchising solution centred on three key principles: focused decision-making, access to specialised expertise supported by strong support from the Nedbank Group.

Focused decision-making with national support

Your business benefits from the team’s local knowledge and the Franchise Unit’s deeper understanding of the dynamic franchise market. With the support and expertise provided by the Franchise team.

Your local business manager and team serve as the interface between you and Nedbank Zimbabwe's extensive network of financial specialists, as well as the Franchise Unit.

Specialist approach

Nedbank Zimbabwe Franchising is a new unit which was created to devise and deliver tailored solutions for the franchise market. The Franchise Unit comprises a team of franchising specialists. With in-depth knowledge of the various industry sectors, our franchise specialists have gained intimate insights into the needs of each, and are able to work with you to develop a tailor-made solution. The needs of a fuel retailer, for example, are significantly different from that of a fast-food franchise and we understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Solutions customised for your specific franchise

Nedbank Zimbabwe Franchising offers tailored solutions that take both the franchisor and franchisee’s needs into account. Our holistic approach includes lending, transactional and value-added solutions.

Our business solutions

Nedbank Zimbabwe provides flexible, relevant and cost-effective financial packages – total solutions that take into account your company’s present position and future goals. Our highly competitive pricing is individually structured and based on the risk profile and track record of each franchisee.

Lending   solutions

Lending forms an integral part of any business’ success and Nedbank Zimbabwe’s approach provides packages customised according to the needs of each franchise concept. These finance packages include funding for:

  • new-store acquisitions;
  • the purchase of existing stores; and
  • store revamps (renovations and refurbishments).

Term financing (asset finance rental discounting)


Our solutions are designed to take into account the value that new assets add to the franchisee’s bottom line. The choice of the franchisee will be influenced by:

  • the specific conditions within which the assets operate;
  • how much flexibility is required; and
  • The long-term value of the asset.

Commercial property Finance


Nedbank Zimbabwe offers flexible finance for the purchase of commercial property and customised finance solutions from a range of options, including interest-only periods and flexible repayments.

Transactional solutions

Nedbank Zimbabwe Franchising provides an optimal solution for franchisees, one that will streamline processes and enhance financial management capability in the most cost-effective manner. Our standard transactional products and services include current accounts, cash-in-transit services, foreign transactions, letters of guarantee and electronic services. Our specific transactional services include:

Document imaging All deposit slips and cheques (including cheques from other banks) are copied using a sophisticated document imaging process, as part of the proof-of deposit (POD) process. 
Nedbank Zimbabwe Internet banking

Nedbank Zimbabwe Internet banking is a secure and world class, internet-based electronic banking system that enables you to:

  • make secure payments (salaries, wages and creditor payments, etc);
  • authorise transactions and functions (transfers, payments, beneficiaries, etc)

Value-added solutions         

Our specialist, cutting-edge business solutions have been designed to add value to your dealings, giving franchises the competitive edge to succeed in today’s competitive global environment. Value-added services offered by Nedbank Zimbabwe Franchising include:

Financial planning

Financial planning plays a major role in any long-term personal and business strategy. It involves setting specific personal and business goals and allocating the resources needed to achieve them. Our financial planning specialists will help you gain a competitive financial advantage in the market place.

Business assurance

The expert advice and assistance our financial planners can offer is outlined below:

  • Contingent liability protection protects the estate of a guarantor to a company in the event of death or disability.
  • Key-person cover provides sufficient capital to replace a key individual in the event of death or disability.
  • Employee benefits assists with setting up provident or medical aid funds for companies, or managing existing funds.

Investment planning

Creating investment portfolios appropriate to the risk profile of the client.

Estate planning

Structuring the client’s estate to protect the beneficiaries and reduce tax.

Offshore financial planning

Advising clients on international products and services, so that they can benefit from exposure to the new global economy.

Short-term insurance

Nedbank Zimbabwe offers a full range of insurance products aimed at complementing and supporting your banking services. Some of the

benefits of opting for short-term insurance through Nedbank Zimbabwe include:

  • a one-stop shop for all your finance and short-term insurance requirements;
  • access to short-term insurance expertise and specialists
  • Loan assistance on insurance experise


What do I need?

  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation / Registration
  • Identity particulars of Directors / Authorised signatories
  • CR14
  • Constitution (Informal Bodies)
  • Minutes (Informal Bodies)
  • Proof of Residence – Directors / Authorised signatories (Zesa/ Telone or Water Bills)
  • Latest annual tax return to ZIMRA
  • CR2
  • Passport photos of Directors and Signatories

To find out how Nedbank Zimbabwe Franchising can partner with you to grow your franchise, contact us on (263 4) 701636-52 or email